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It's time you built upon your dreams.

Our legacy pack was designed to give you all the services and support you need to build a solid foundation for your new business. Below are the three areas that The Legacy Pack covers.

Business Development

All the business development you need to build your business.

Here are all the courses and resources that come with the business development portion of The Legacy Pack.

Foundation Courses

These are a series of courses that will help you establish a solid business foundation. Each foundation course come with action workbooks so you can track your progress

Action Guides

Our actions guides literally guide you through varies stages of your business. They range from 90-day marketing planners to conducting market research.

Thought Leaders

We have partnered with various thought leaders that range across many industries. The thought leaders are hear to answer your questions and provide real world guidance.


Our various topics keep your conversion focused and helps you get learning about the exact thing you need help with in your business. Each topic has a thought leader to reach out too.

The Community

We want to contiune to grow our member base so that we provide a community of like minded entrepreneurs that can add their tips, tricks and golden eggs to our platform.

Growth Resources

Every month we have planned out to bring at least one new course and/or growth resource. We will also be hosting weekly live events plus Q&A sessions with our founder Christopher Shaw.

Strategic Living

Growth in business starts with growth in life.

Step by step mentoring to help each individual build there financial house as well as personalized communication.

Program Development

We help you build your vision, your way, with our process and practices. We believe that when God Calls you to serve through creating then it should be done exactly the way HE showed you.

Program Restructuring

We conduct three culture altering evaluations that contribute to the success of a program; a full assessment of a company’s program, Retooling Management and Staff Re-configurations.

Program Management

We provide ongoing executive operational management to ensure that the top of the line service is being delivered on behalf of the vision for your Program.

Financial Consulting

Step by step mentoring to help each individual build there financial house as well as personalized payee-ship at the consumers request.


Step by step mentoring to help each individual build there financial house as well as personalized payee-ship at the consumers request.

Tomorrows Leaders

Our mission is to arm the next generation with tools that promote self respect, self regulation and self empowerment. The hand holding stops here.

Your Online Presence

Put your website to work for you.

We provide the tools so you can build a solid online presence that works for your business.

Professional Website Builder

You receive full access to game changing website builder that is geared towards bring in sales. We have a wide variety of professionally designed templates to choose from.

Membership Website

Build a membership website that you can use to build a loyal following. You can charge for membership or for access to certain parts of the website. The power is yours.

Sales Funnels

You can also use our system to build sales funnels that can convert visitors into paying clients. All the pages of the entire funnel are pre-built so all you have to do is add your content.

1-Step Checkout & Upsells

Once your visitors purchase a smaller priced item or service you can your add on service available for up sell right from the check out page.


You can track and manage all your leads and sales within the client relationship manager. It is built into the frame work of the platform so you keep track of all your client information.

Online Store

You can create and sell directly from the platform both physical and digital products. You can also connect your payment processor so you can take full payments as well.

Your Investment

It's time you built upon your dreams.

We crafted "The Legacy Pack" so that people can have an simple to setup series of services that can truly help them build a foundation for whatever business they want to start. We not only help you navigate their the business side but also set in place a strategy for your over all life.

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