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The Exposure Package

It's time you built upon your dreams.

Ideal for businesses who wants to Increase the visitors and online reputation of the website in every search engines. Our all-new, feature-packed digital marketing plan that simply defines amazing, from SEO to Pay Per Click Advertising to Social Media Marketing, we’re not leaving out anything.

Search Engine Optimization

Exposure SEO

Entry Level. A local SEO plan for your “strapped for cash” clients, targeting 1 keyword category. Ideal for startups to cover their basics. 5 target keywords, 25 trackable keywords, on page optimization, locally relevant content writing, editorial content and local citation building.

What's Included with the SEO:

Keyword Topics

SEO work will focus on 1 keyword topic

Trackable Keywords

We will focus on 5 target keywords and track 25 keywords

Optimized Pages

We will recommend or perform optimization of website pages every month

Locally Relevant Link Building

We will build backlinks (from local search engines & directories), business listings and NAP enabled citations every month to improve local presence

Content Optimization

We will post industry-specific editorial content and create/modify website content to boost rankings.

Site Assessment and Intake: We audit your clients website, online presence of their business and gather information about their target audience and goals.

Keyword Research: We research the best 5 keywords based on the industry vertical and physical location to bring the most effective results. Target keywords are approved by mutual consensus.

Content and On Page Optimization: From our site assessment and keyword research, we implement high-quality content optimization to your site to engage visitors. Extensive on page optimization includes Google tools integration, plagiarism check, page load time & mobile friendly check and implementation of page title, meta description, header tags, internal linking, local schema setup, image alt and hyperlink optimization.

Local Optimization: Once the content optimization is in place, we focus on building the local presence by submitting the business to top local search engines and directories including Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, Facebook and more.

Monthly Link Building: With monthly link building via editorial content posting, local citations and authority business listings, we rank the website for target keywords with an authoritative backlink portfolio.

Social Media Management

Exposure Social Media

Ideal for businesses who want to keep the Social Channels updated. Includes account setup, monitoring and content posting on Any 1 of these social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Includes 14 posts per month and full access to proprietary social media dashboard. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.

What's Included with the Social Media:

Social Media Assessment

We audit your client's social media profiles and give initial recommendations to improve their visibility.

Social Media Content Plan

This includes content writing, approval, working out the content roadmap and scheduling the calendar.

Account Monitoring

Your social media profile will be checked every day for comments and messages.

Social Media Setup

Account creation and setting up the dashboard, the tone of voice to use, the products / service to talk about, and the brand persona will be established here based on the answers to the initial questionnaire.

Performance Insights

Weekly and Monthly social media performance reports are sent out automatically to keep you informed about the work done and results we’ve achieved.

Access to social media dashboard

Our dashboard allows you to keep track of all your connected social platforms and online analytics.

Setup and management on Any 3 of these social networks:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Monthly Posting Amount

14 Posts a Month | 4 Business Posts | 10 Generic Posts

Weekly Social Media status reports

Monthly Social Media Reports

Your Online Presence

Put your website to work for you.

We provide the tools so you can build a solid online presence that works for your business.

Professional Website Builder

You receive full access to game changing website builder that is geared towards bring in sales. We have a wide variety of professionally designed templates to choose from.

Membership Website

Build a membership website that you can use to build a loyal following. You can charge for membership or for access to certain parts of the website. The power is yours.

Sales Funnels

You can also use our system to build sales funnels that can convert visitors into paying clients. All the pages of the entire funnel are pre-built so all you have to do is add your content.

1-Step Checkout & Upsells

Once your visitors purchase a smaller priced item or service you can your add on service available for up sell right from the check out page.


You can track and manage all your leads and sales within the client relationship manager. It is built into the frame work of the platform so you keep track of all your client information.

Online Store

You can create and sell directly from the platform both physical and digital products. You can also connect your payment processor so you can take full payments as well.

Your Investment

It's time you built upon your dreams.

We crafted "The Legacy Pack" so that people can have an simple to setup series of services that can truly help them build a foundation for whatever business they want to start. We not only help you navigate their the business side but also set in place a strategy for your over all life.

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